The CRPG Addict and Might and Magic II

I’ve been following this blog for the past several months, and today based on his review, I spent about two hours playing The Ancient Lands of Ys instead of studying. Thanks. I’m interested to see his take on some of my favorites like:

Might and Magic II: Gates to Another World
First Post: Overview
Second Post: Packed with Stuff
Third Post: Urban Tour
Fourth Post: Anatomy of Combat
Fifth Post: Touring the Countryside
Sixth Post: Castles and Quests
Seventh Post: Castles and Quests Part 2
Eighth Post: The Land Explored
Ninth Post: Mazes and Monsters
Tenth Post: On the Main Quest
Eleventh Post: Stuck in a Bog
Twelfth Post: Magic
Thirteenth Post: Won!
Final Post: Final Rating
Note: Most of his reviews do not have these many posts.

Pool of Radiance, and Eye of the Beholder.


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