The CRPG Addict rediscovers Pool of Radiance

Well it is finally here. From the first time I had read his blog, I have waited for this series of posts for one of my favorite computer games of all time–one of the few games I enjoyed enough to beat. Just as his review of Might and Magic II prompted me to start playing that again, I can see me reinstalling Pool of Radiance on this laptop I am writing from now and reliving all of the fun I had with that game for the past twenty years (I had continued to play it up to a few years ago). Play on Brother.

Pool of Radiance
First Post: Introduction
Second Post: The Story Begins
Third Post: First Expedition
Fourth Post: Heroes!
Fifth Post: Combat
Sixth Post: Clearing the City
Seventh Post: Holy and Unholy
Eighth Post: The Great Outdoors
Turn-based v. Real-time Combat
Note: This post is not necessarily part of his Pool of Radiance review, but shows his point of view concerning what is to me a very important concept around which CRPGs are based.
Ninth Post: Cleaning Up for the Show
Tenth Post: Won!
Eleventh Post: Final Rating

P.S. I cracked this game several years ago so I wouldn’t need to use that damn wheel. It was nice and easy.


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