Basic Dungeons & Dragons Character Sheet

Basic Dungeons & Dragons Character Sheet

Basic D&D Character Sheet

As a continuation of the previous post, the second addition to the Download section of the website is a character sheet I created in conjunction with the work I did on the random dungeon generation tables and the three uncompleted maps from those tables.

While the character sheet resembles the sheets put out by TSR years ago, it is a computer generated sheet that mimics one I made back in the 80’s by hand. Page two shows the larger differences from the TSR sheet. Somehow, someway, I was able to use Excel and Adobe.

Anyway, if anyone should find their way here, use it and enjoy it.

UPDATE (20. January 2015): I added an additional sheet to use the Baskerville typeface instead of the Constantia typeface found in this sheet. You can find that sheet here.


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