Mentzer Dungeon Level 1

Wow, it has been nearly a year since I have updated anything here. Well, I have added two new items to the Download section of the website.

First off, one of the sites I go too regularly is theRPGSite for my gaming community fix. One of the threads had brought up the random dungeon generation tables in the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Dungeon Master’s Guide. But what interested me was that the original poster posted several of his maps and said, “he was a sad human being,” presumably because he had nothing else to do. 😛

Well several weeks ago I recreated those AD&D tables to use 2d6 and proceeded to run a 1st-level Fighter through Mentzer’s Solo Dungeon and beyond. By the time he had reached the 3rd-level of the dungeon, he had reached 4th-level as a Fighter, had retained a 2nd-level Cleric, but maybe more importantly had not found the Infamous Bargle. Anyway, I figured I would post the uncompleted map to the first level.

Mentzer Dungeon Level 1So in regards to the poster from theRPGSite, if he is sad, what does that make me? 😀

Note, the northern section of the map is not connected to the solo portion except by a stairwell from the level below or the exit to the surface. Yet.

Note in the second, Room 13 I believe will lead to the area where the solo fighter first meets Aleena and Bargle, but because there were Ghouls, I will not send the party in until certain of success.

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