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There’s a Sucker Born Every Minute (me:) Mentzer’s Basic Set Released

Well, WOTC has done it again. Dug its filthy greedy hands into my pockets and took more money for something I already have multiple copies of. (EDIT: Now to be fair, I willing turned out my pockets, put my hands behind my back, and whistled a little ditty while I let Mearls et all rummage through my pants to keep whatever they found. I am a whore for some Basic D&D). 😛

For those of you who started with Mentzer’s Basic Set and want replacements in legal electronic form, WOTC has just made available both the Players Manual and the Dungeon Masters Rulebook in PDF on Click on the pictures to be transported to a land of imagination.

Bonus: After purchasing one (or both) of the PDFs, you should receive a coupon code good for 50% off any of the B1-B12 modules. Sadly, it doesn’t look like the code works for the bundle. Over at Tenkar’s Tavern, he says that the code is good for one week, but my order info said nothing about how long the code was good for.

Players Manual

Dungeon Masters Rulebook