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Random Dungeon Map 003

Random Dungeon 003

Random Dungeon 003

Here is another one but it chronologically falls between the previous two. I waited to post it until I finally added the cross hatching. My maps look like doo-doo until I add it.

This one is a little different in that I built this dungeon when I was going through a ‘leave no major empty space’ so I added at least six extra rooms. Some of them were behind normal doors and others behind secret doors. I have half a mind to redraw it and take them out to see if the map looks less cluttered.

As with all of my stuff, feel free to use for your own game.


Random Dungeon Map 002

Random Dungeon 002

Random Dungeon 002

This was one of the first maps I created with a set of charts that I designed to mimic Mentzer’s solo dungeon. I’ll let you decide if this map matches the original in style.

This is the alternate to my second level of the expanded dungeon, and if you compare it to the 1st-level expanded map from last year, you will see that the two left stairwells match up. The stairwell on the right goes up to a separate section of the first level.

As with all of my stuff, feel free to use it for your personal game.

Random Dungeon Map 001

Random Map 001

Random Map 001

Wow, it has been a long time since I updated this blog. Well, here is one of many maps I had been working on with my random dungeon generation charts.

I envisioned this as a two-part dungeon with the northern half accessed by the central stairs and the southern half by either the two secret doors in the west or the secret tunnel in the east. No idea where the southern stairs go though.

Feel free to use for your personal use. Any comments are appreciated.

You can also find this and other items in my Download section.