Random Dungeon Map 004

Random Dungeon 004

Random Dungeon 004

So I have been playing around with my charts again. It seems that I cannot stop making these maps. But the interesting thing–at least to me–I’ve noticed is that all of the maps I have posted so far vary in style greatly. I guess I am still trying to find my voice.

Regarding the first map, when I stock dungeons I tend to break them down into travel and accessibility zones. I often highlight the rooms and other areas that are secured by doors or other barriers. Since I have been working on maps that I expect to print in black & white, I tried a newer technique to highlight those areas by changing the wall thickness. While I’m not a big fan of the the overall look, I like that these rooms are noticeable.

Random Dungeon 004b

Random Dungeon 004b

The second map on the other hand is nearly identical to the first with one architectural exception. Instead of a door in the eastern corridor from the first room, there is a stairwell leading deeper into the darkness that is accessible from the corridor leading from room #8.

You will also notice some cosmetic differences. I experimented with darkening the wall lines to contrast more with the crosshatching and less with the room wall. I like it a little better although it prints out a little too dark.

The other cosmetic difference is that I followed the steps that Matt Jackson outlined in How to Clean Up a Map using GIMP and Inkscape.

I highly recommend both that link and Step by Step Mapping for anyone interested in creating good-looking and functional maps in similar graphical styles to Matt, Dyson, and myself.

As always, feel free to use these maps in your personal game.

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