Random Dungeon Map 005

Random Dungeon 005

Random Dungeon 005

And another one.

A couple of quick notes about this one:

(1) This was one of the fastest maps I had drawn in recent memory. From start to finish it only took about three days for a total of about three to four working hours.

(2) For as large as this one looks, it has the fewest numbered locations (32) for any of my one-page dungeon maps. I am not counting Random Dungeon 002 because that one was designed with a different set of charts. I like that this one doesn’t look as dense as my previous postings.

(3) I am having a difficult time finding a way to draw in doors, and since I was working so fast (compared to my other maps), I just left them hanging. I think I will just leave them the way they are and experiment on my next map.

(4) I’ve noticed that both Dyson and Matt have been listing what pens they have used for their maps, so I experimented a little. I only have regular gel pens so I used a 1mm TUL for the walls and a Uniball Signo micro 207 (.38mm I think) for the cross hatching, numbering, and additional drawings. After using Inkscape to convert it to SVG format, and exporting it back to PNG, it seems more like a map in their styles.

Feel free to use this map for your personal game.


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