Random Dungeon Map 006

Random Map 006

Random Map 006

This map has a little history. First off, I started it back in December of 2012 and it was originally the 4th level of my Expanded Mentzer Solo Dungeon. I had explored up to room 28 but for some reason stopped before completing room 29. Today, I finally finished building this floor.

Unfortunately, because I finished it from a copy I had made of the original, there seems to be a noticeable difference in the final product. I didn’t think I would be able to recreate the same style of crosshatching so really only started it on the copy as a test. Several hours later, I had finished it and said, ‘close enough’. I think it looks cool enough to post for your enjoyment.

I think the reason why I chose this map to work on was because visually it is one of my favorites in my map binder. To make a short story long, I find this one appealing because it almost resembles the layout of a city with passageways that act as thoroughfares and room clusters that act as city blocks. I also like that there are several choke points that intelligence denizens would be able to use against those nasty invading player characters. And I especially like the northern passage that instantly connects level 3 with level 5.

On a slight tangent, this map was the final one before I created a set of charts to randomly generate maps in the style of Mentzer’s Solo Dungeon. The funny thing is that Random Map 002 came after this one and was the first I had built with the new charts. It is also why the crosshatching style resembles Map 002 and none of the others. I originally envisioned replacing all of the maps with new ones from the fresh charts. Fast forward to today, and I have not done much with the Mentzer Style charts and most of my recent maps have been created with the charts responsible for today’s map.

2 thoughts on “Random Dungeon Map 006

  1. jasperak Post author

    Thank you for checking it out and leaving me feedback. I appreciate it and am glad that you are enjoying them.

    To answer your question: yes and no. Yes I will be stocking at least one of them but as part of a series of posts that I am now drafting on how I stock a dungeon with an eye towards viewing it as a semi-realistic mythic underworld. Right now I don’t have any intention of building these into fully stocked dungeons but may in the future to provide examples of the half-a-dozen or so stocking set-ups I use.

    Side Note: My Expanded Mentzer Dungeon has a key for the explored parts of the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th floors, but the results were completely random and made no sense when looking at the dungeon as a whole.


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