The Dungeon of Lost Coppers

Dungeon of Lost Coppers

The Dungeon of Lost Coppers

Dyson Logos over at Dyson’s Dodecahedron is running/ran a contest to finish one of his maps. Since I like the maps he makes, how could I refuse to participate? So here is my entry for your enjoyment. I only have a few notes about it.

As you can see from the picture, there is a sharp difference in the darkness between the portion of the map Dyson presented, and the work that I did to complete it. Nothing I could do with GIMP would fix it, but it doesn’t look too bad when printed out. On the other hand, the line work I did for the shaft looks like crap, but I’m not sure how I can do it to make it look better. Oh well.

I’m not sure how Dyson will be presenting all of the entries, but this one on my site is just a tad bit different. After printing it out, I didn’t like how the title fit on the map, so I made it a little bigger. Other than that, it is no different.

To try and come up with something a little different than everyone else, I figured that I would take the ‘Lost Coppers’ literally and make the pool on the right side fit at the bottom of a deep shaft from the surface. Though the statue presented a problem if I expected people to throw coppers down the well. Well, I solved that by making him crouch while holding a shield over his head. Maybe the statue is of a heroic dragon-slayer, and the quote, ‘coins falling, breath of fire’ is supposed to hint at that. I was actually thinking of both the scene in Disney’s Sleeping Beauty where the prince is fighting Maleficent as a dragon and the point in the NES game Shadowgate where the player must raise his shield to protect from the dragon’s flames.

I also like that I incorporated a side view on this map like Dyson has done on other maps of his. I especially like how I was envisioning someone standing on the small hill to the right and arcing coins in. I almost drew someone doing just that–I may do it afterall.

Since I like combining things I have created, the circular room in the upper left houses the ‘magic item’ I created for Tenkar’s OSR Competition. Once I post that item I will link to it in this post.

I wanted to make a final comment about the quote, ‘coins falling, breath of fire”. While I claim to be a writer, I never claim to be a poet. Thank god I didn’t have more room on the map, or I may have subjected you to the following lines, ‘shield of granite protects those kneeling.’

Well anyway, hope you like this map. Please feel free to use it for your personal game and visit my Downloads section for other maps and gaming goodness.

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