Mentzer’s Level 2 Isometric

Mentzer's Level 2 Isometric

Mentzer’s Level 2 Isometric

Ok where to start today. The baby was sick this weekend so I had a lot of downtime while taking care of her and put some of that time to good use. Wifey thought I should have napped more, but the game must go on right?

Anyway, The Scarlet Avenger continued exploring the southern section of Level Two of my Mentzer’s Solo Dungeon. But that wasn’t enough, I wanted to experiment a little more so I created some isometric sheets from the Incompetech Graph Paper web site. The thing I noticed about this map is that it is one of the few that seems like a level hub. It has more stairwells that most other maps of mine, so I wanted to see what it would look like from a different view.

Now I love how the 2 Central and 1 East sections look, but I think I screwed up with the 2 East section. I have all of the maps in front of me and this map still looks confusing. I’d be interested to anyone’s impressions, and how I might go about making it more clear how 1 East and 2 East relate to each other vertically. BTW, I intend to post both of those maps in the future; I just need to redraw them to make them look a little more prettified.

Years ago in meatspace, one of my players remarked on why my stairwells were always so long. Well, I think this map shows why. I have the math somewhere around here that shows that with a drop of ten feet for every twenty lateral feet traveled, I would need about forty lateral feet to get rooms with ten foot high walls and ten more feet to the bottom of the next level up. While I subscribe to the ‘mythic underworld’ philosophy of dungeon design, I just cannot stand dungeons that do not follow physical laws. It is something I have noticed in maps around the net where I see tunnels that pass under corridors but they only drop the distance of five-foot steps. Physically it is something that cannot exist and as a player would bother me.[/rant]

Anyway, hope you enjoy this map. For the most part I like how this one turned out. Feel free to use this for your personal game.

1 thought on “Mentzer’s Level 2 Isometric

  1. Raymond

    How do you have stairs between blue and pink levels but just over a little bit the hallways go between these sections as if they are on the same level?


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