Original Dungeons & Dragons Character Record 1977 UPDATED

White Box Original D&D Character Record

Original D&D Character Record 1977 Front

So when I was looking for character sheets to use with my new OD&D Reprint Box Set, I had found several. I didn’t bother to mention that I had also found the official sheet from 1977, but it was blurry. So, I spent the better part of the weekend building a new one that mimicked it. This one was much more difficult because none of the measurements were working out very well. Plus I never fully identified the font. I ended up using a font called Highway Gothic Wide/Expanded that once manipulated in Publisher, worked fairly well.

White Box Original D&D Character Record

Original D&D Character Record 1977 Back

Like my previous OD&D sheet I made only very slight variations with this one. The only one to note is that I changed the ‘Gold’ box to read ‘Treasure’.

Anyway, I like how this one turned out so I hope you enjoy it as well. Click on either picture to download the PDF. The borders are between 1/4 and 3/8 so if your printer can handle it, I would recommend you print it at actual size, not sized to fit.

MASSIVE UPDATE: Unbeknownst to me, my previous version of Quentin Caps was not embedding. Using Microsoft’s Typography Font Extension I found that the version I had been using restricted embedding. I have since procured a version that will embed and have since uploaded a new version of the character sheet. Sorry for not catching this sooner.

6 thoughts on “Original Dungeons & Dragons Character Record 1977 UPDATED

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  2. vivimancer

    I love these so much! Thank you for the effort you put into these. Don’t know if you play 5th edition at all but I wish someone made 5e sheets in this style, I tried searching DM’s Guild/DriveThruRPG and someone made throwback 2nd edition style 5e sheets but nothing in the style of these ones unfortunately. 😥

      1. jasperak Post author

        Thank you for the link. I like the idea of its layout for the most part; the most useful info for playing at the table is right on front, and the rest on following pages. Unfortunately the section with Traits, Ideals, etc.. takes up a lot of real estate and in my opinion doesn’t belong on the front. Otherwise I’d be perfectly fine playing with these.

    1. jasperak Post author

      Thank you for letting me know you like the sheet. I have been playing 5e and found the WOTC sheet acceptable since they turned it into a form, but I hate the sheet from D&D Beyond. I hadn’t thought to do a 5e Sheet in any of these styles. you’ve given me something to think about. Thank You.

      1. vivimancer

        Yeah also not a fan of the D&D Beyond sheet, I just love the minimal old school aesthetic of the ’77 sheet and if you do wind up making a 5e one in this style it’d become my new standard to bring to the table for my characters or hand out to players! Whether you do or not, if I ever find one I’ll be sure to link it to ya here!

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