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Random Dungeon #11

Random_Dungeon_Map_11_text_landscapeSo this concludes January’s series of maps. Really the only note of interest is that this map was the last one I drew before my wife bought me a set of Sakura Micron pens. I’ve experimented with different pen weights for wall and crosshatching with this month’s maps (except his one of course) and after all the post-production work, I really can’t tell much of a difference. I think the real difference between using pigment pens and any others (I’ve been using gel and even felt-tipped Sharpies) is both the crispness and cleanliness of the pigment pens. Not to mention that the drawing took much longer as I wanted to preserve the tips of these pens for as long as possible. For those that care, this map was drawn with a Sharpie Ultra Fine Point (Micron 08 equivalent) and a Uniball Signo Micro 207 (Micron 02 equivalent), and the original looks like crap compared to rest of this month’s maps.

Basic D&D Baskerville Character Sheet and It’s Form-Fillable and Savable Now

The Scarlet Avenger FrontOk you primitive screwheads, I learned something new today–well yesterday as its now about 12.30 in the morning. After emailing back and forth with a commenter that wished to make one of my sheets form-fillable, I figured I would try a go at it with one of the other sheets. I was interested because he was able to make one of the other sheets save the info so he could go and edit it and print out a new sheet with a minimum of fuss. So here is my new and improved Basic D&D Baskerville Character Sheet. (You can also Save Link As… on the pictures to get the PDF.)

Man screw Adobe. It must have taken hours to figure out the correct order for all of the steps to make this sheet form-fillable, savable, and have a cool handwriting typeface embedded. That’s not counting making all of the fields fit properly. Since I doubt most of you have the handwriting font embedded, let me know if the form output looks like the pictures in this post. I should be able to test it on my work computer tomorrow, but that’s not definite.
The Scarlet Avenger Back
For sh!ts and giggles, I chose the solo character that I have used to explore some of the maps on this blog.

Anyway, drop me a line and let me know how this new sheet works and any other comments you might like to share.

UPDATE: I have been making some changes based on feedback I’ve received so stay tuned and check back over the course of the next few days. To prevent a whole mess of different versions out there, I’m going to try to make all changes in one or two updates.

Basic Dungeons & Dragons Character Sheet Baskerville

Basic Dungeons & Dragons Character Sheet

While I was looking for the original files for my OD&D 1977 Character Sheet, I stumbled upon the original file for my Basic D&D sheet. I noticed that I had used the Constantia typeface and not Baskerville. I guess I hadn’t noticed it at that point because they are fairly similar typefaces. But I couldn’t leave it that way, so I edited it a bit and made a new PDF. Truth is though, at that time I had a fetish for Constantia.

I will eventually update have updated my Download section of the website when I get since I had some time. I’ve still got a lot of work to do in there to pretty it up.

Anyway, if anyone should find their way here, use it and enjoy it.

UPDATE: For a Savable and Form-Fillable version of this sheet, goto this post Basic D&D Baskerville Character Sheet and It’s Form-Fillable and Savable Now

Random Dungeon #10

Random_Map_10_Text_LandscapeWoah nelly here we go. Here is a full size map on 8.5×11 quad-rule paper. I’ll be damned if I draw in a grid on this one. And yes, I do have a hard-on for starting my dungeons with 50′ x 50′ rooms. Thanks Mentzer.

The one thing I didn’t pen in are the 40′ stairways in both the upper left and the middle of the left third of the map. You can still see some of the pencil lines. My idea was for one to go up and the other down, but I just couldn’t make up my mind. Oh well.

Random Dungeon #9

random_dungeon_09_textSo here is another one in a similar style as last week’s. But in this case I hand drew in a grid with a micron 005. I enjoy the drawing and crosshatching; there is something zen about those little lines (as Matt Jackson said on his blog), but taking my straightedge through these maps sucks. I don’t feel like an artist; I feel more like a draftsman.

In the end I like how this turned out, but it was painful.

Welcome Back and Random Map Monday with Random Dungeon #8

So these past six months or so have been interesting! In August my wife and I welcomed our son Alexander and shit’s been getting real. Luckily our two-and-three-quarter-year-old (she’s really proud of that 3/4) daughter Audrey has been cooperating for the most part.

random_dungeon_08_textAnyway, on to why you are here. A quick look at my little blog shows that I like making maps. Well I have something for you. Several weeks ago, one of my vendors sent me a couple of 5×7 quad-rule tablets, and they are perfect for making smallish dungeons (shhh, I like to maximize my productivity at work). So for the next few weeks, I’ll have some minor dungeons and a few other surprises for you.

I’ve experimented with some different styles over the course of this series, so if you have any comments, I’d love to hear from you.

One of the things I wish I could do is add a grid back to some of these maps. I use GIMP and Inkscape but have so far been unable to add in a grid.