Basic Dungeons & Dragons Character Sheet Baskerville

Basic Dungeons & Dragons Character Sheet

While I was looking for the original files for my OD&D 1977 Character Sheet, I stumbled upon the original file for my Basic D&D sheet. I noticed that I had used the Constantia typeface and not Baskerville. I guess I hadn’t noticed it at that point because they are fairly similar typefaces. But I couldn’t leave it that way, so I edited it a bit and made a new PDF. Truth is though, at that time I had a fetish for Constantia.

I will eventually update have updated my Download section of the website when I get since I had some time. I’ve still got a lot of work to do in there to pretty it up.

Anyway, if anyone should find their way here, use it and enjoy it.

UPDATE: For a Savable and Form-Fillable version of this sheet, goto this post Basic D&D Baskerville Character Sheet and It’s Form-Fillable and Savable Now


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