The Maze of Anacalagon

The maze of Anacalagon

The Maze of Anacalagon

So here we go. This is a map from a computer game from around 1988 called DND: Dungeons of the Necromancer’s Domain. I don’t like it very much; it was just a quick experiment to see how a very old style CRPG map would translate to a map for use at the table. Quite frankly, I don’t think it would work out very well.

I think I just don’t like the algorithm used to create this map. It looks like it might have started as a nice little maze, but too many walls were removed and too many pointless secret doors were added. It also looks like it would be a nightmare to describe it to the players. It just really looks like a big arena for use on a large battle mat or something. Anyway, moving on from here.


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