The Lost Tomb of Zetis I

The Lost Tomb of Zetis I

The Lost Tomb of Zetis I

I love doing research into items of historical significance that I can use for either my writing or gaming. I came across a map to the Egyptian Pharaoh Seti I’s tomb that I just had to convert. Unfortunately, this tomb moves more vertically than horizontally so to recreate it for gaming purposes, I figured I could use some isometric paper instead of normal quad-rule.

I don’t like the inking on this one because the crosshatching just doesn’t seem to fit, and all of my tests looked like doo-doo. I may revisit using iso paper at a later date to see if I could make the map look more three-dimensional. I really liked the wall I drew alongside the stairwell from the Chamber of Four Pillars, but when I did that all around, it looked like crap.

One note, I drew the stairwell to the Land of the Dead in the wrong position. Most of the maps I found did not show it conclusively, but a map I found later seemed to imply that it might have been hidden beneath the sarcophagus. That would be much better for gaming–if not more expected–but I didn’t feel like redrawing that whole section.

Another note, the room I labeled as the ‘Taurus Room’ should be more appropriately named the ‘Apis Room” if this is used in an Egyptian-themed game.


5 thoughts on “The Lost Tomb of Zetis I

  1. Hodge Dunkin

    Nicely drawn. I would suggest rather than the crosshatching to try drawing with a light pen weight, closely spaced vertical lines that extend down on the near side of the stairs/ rooms and extend up on the farside of the stairs/ rooms (similar to the way you drew the columns)

    1. jasperak Post author

      Holy shit! I’m sorry I never replied to your comment. After I read it, I experimented with different styles for the walls and just didn’t like how it was turning out. I decided to just redraw the map fresh, got side-tracked, and never returned to it. I was going to reply to your comment when I had something new to show. If you are notified of my reply, sorry for not responding. If not, to anyone else who reads this, I love every comment I get. This one just slipped by. Thanks again.


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