Advanced Fantasy Random Drop Dungeon-The Barrows

Years ago I came across this blog post, Advanced Fighting Fantasy Random Mapping Technique, and tried it out, and eventually bought the book. I revisited this technique recently and found that as I was drawing, it felt more organic, and once I drew in the doors, the map reminded me of something an adventurer might have come up with after exploring. Heck, you can still see a lot of the sketch lines that I left in.

The Barrows on Parchment Paper

The Barrows on Parchment Paper

Not content to leave this as a black and white map, I used a tutorial that I think I found on The Cartographer’s Guild. The Author, RobA, is an administrator, but I cannot find the original tutorial. I hope I am not screwing up by posting it here. Now I didn’t follow all of the steps (I did for another map soon to come) but I still like how it turned out. Click on the picture below to download the pdf to go to the thread where you can download the pdf.

UPDATE: I finally found the tutorial pdf on the Cartographer’s Guild website so I am linking to that thread instead of hosting the file myself.

For those–like me–that prefer maps in black and white for easy printing, you’re welcome.

The Barrows Printable Version

The Barrows Printable


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