Moldvay’s Haunted Keep

Moldvay's Haunted Keep

Moldvay’s Haunted Keep

I made this map based on the map and examples of play in Moldvay’s Basic D&D Rulebook. I envisioned it as what a character–in this case Morgan Ironwolf–would have created while adventuring. I was thinking that it could have come into your PC’s possession after they defeated a group of hobgoblins, thereby implying that maybe they got it after defeating Morgan’s party. They were down to just Morgan and the Cleric if I remember correctly.

I followed the old parchment tutorial a little closer this time and think the result is better. I also tried something a little different with the lettering. Normally I would have done a simple gaussian blur on the type, but in this case, I duplicated the layer, darkened the underlying text by half, and then applied a gaussian blur of about 3 pixels. On my screen, it looks like the type is indented rather than floating above the parchment like my notes on the lower left. I have since found another way to make the ink look like it bled from a tutorial on The Cartographer’s Guild, but it is more complicated and I haven’t tested it yet to see if it looks better. I am currently working on a new series of maps using that tutorial, but it is slow going, very slow going.

As for my other maps, I am running out. I have two that are ready to post and another seven or so dungeon maps in production, but I am not sure I will be able to finish them in time to keep up with the Random Map Monday pace. It’s not that I am losing interest, quite the opposite. I am just not sure that keeping to the schedule is helping drive views to the blog on Monday. Since I have been running this Random Map Monday series from January, I have not seen any substantial increase in traffic on Mondays. I had expected that four months in, more would have come. It is not lost on me that maybe my maps just aren’t a good draw to the site. My character sheets are more viewed/downloaded by an order of magnitude.

Back to today’s map, for those that want the printable version of this map, here you go.

Moldvay's Haunted Keep Printable

Moldvay’s Haunted Keep Printable


2 thoughts on “Moldvay’s Haunted Keep

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  2. Anonymous

    Very nice. I have worked out 2 versions of the dungeons of the Haunted Keep, trying to incorporate all of the elements from the descriptions and tie them to the section-drawing. My drawings are nothing like as nice as yours!


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