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Random Dungeon 16

So it’s been about a month since I last posted, and a much needed break it was. I’ll give you all a little up-to-date. I’ve continued to create maps over the this time although nothing new is finished. To be more specific and in no particular order:

* I’ve put the two finished maps in the queue on hold for awhile. I want to type up a-bit-longer-than-normal posts for them but just can’t quite get out of drafting stage.
* I have one map that is finished except for a fucking stone bridge. I just can’t find a way to draw it that I like. Everything I have tried makes it stand out like a sore thumb.
* I have another ten that just need to be inked. Seriously. Five of them are simple mazes inspired by a map I found online. Three others line up with today’s post and just need to be inked. Two are just random maps that, you guessed it, I have yet to finish inking.
* The big one that took up a lot of time is one that I drew up AND STOCKED. I had hoped to submit it to the One-Page-Dungeon contest. I was inspired by a one-page template that someone in the UK had been selling as pads. I created a little Excel sheet and worked off of that. I also created a small eight-page digest-sized booklet that’s not quite complete. Oh, and I didn’t quite finish inking the map.
* I’ve also been lurking over at the Cartographer’s Guild recently and worked on making some wilderness maps for Lymdonshire. I need a drawing tablet to draw in rivers and other stuff. It sucks tracing with a mouse, and quite frankly I gave up. Maybe I’ll post those unfinished maps at some point, although with a $100 Staples gift card burning a hole in my wallet, I’ve been holding out hope that I would splurge and get a decent drawing tablet.

With playing with the kids and my writing picking back up, I really haven’t devoted much time to these maps. I don’t see that changing much over the next month, but I hope to do a little here and there. The point is, if you follow me via hard link or bookmark, keep checking back. If you follow me through a feed on your blog, Thank You. I appreciate everyone that has put my blog on their public rolls. I suspect that when time frees up a little bit, I’ll get on a roll. If everything map was finished now, I’d have at least three months worth of weekly posting. And I do miss my weekly postings. Anyway, if you are reading this, Thanks.

So here is today’s map. It is partially inspired by last posting’s Moldvay’s Haunted Keep. You’ll notice that for the first time in forever (three-year-old daughter discovered Frozen) I’ve drawn a map that continues on additional sheets. I chose to use my handy-dandy 5.5″ x 8.5″ quad tablets for these because they are much easier for me to complete. It seems as if they just finish faster than standard quad paper or my dreaded five-per-inch paper. [/digression]

I’ve drawn the maps that connect to the north, east, and northeast. The western stairwell that leads from the southern circular staircase leads down to a set of crypts, and I originally drew them in as dotted lines, but that ended up looking like crap so I figured I would just do a standard lower level instead. But I wanted to wait until I had more of this level complete to see how I could put in more to fill the level out.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy this and all my other maps. Cheers.