Random Dungeon 18

Man, life has been hectic these past few months. I finished this map back in August, and it was originally slotted as Random Dungeon 20. The two maps that I wanted to post prior to this one are in a style much closer to Random Map 17, but technical difficulties with the pen work and type of paper have made them almost unpresentable. Since I don’t want the blog to linger for too long without posting, I edited this one to move it up in the queue.

Random Dungeon 18

Random Dungeon 18

I like how this one turned out. I used only a Sharpie fine-point pen for all line work. I doubled the wall lines and think it makes a nice contrast to the cross-hatching. I also like that it looks more hand-drawn–I kinda like it sloppy and not over-produced. When I scanned it, I was able to adjust the midtone to retain the underlying grid (almost as if I was scanning with a threshold). A quick sweep with the eraser in GIMP cleaned it up a bit.

The grid is actually one of the problems I have with the previous two maps I have nearly completed. Nothing I could do would clean it up. The original Map 18 was drawn on yellow paper with a brown grid. Both of these maps are similar to #17, almost to the point of being able to line them up as one REALLY big mega dungeon level, but with one subtle difference. Because I had such a problem drawing the bridge in the map I have posted, I figured I would just have the rivers accessible via cliff faces. But drawing those in has proved problematic. I connected the levels across the rivers with wooden plank bridges which I think turned out ok, but these f—ing cliffs are a bugger. I really don’t like how the dungeons are drawn in a top down manner, while the cliffs are more isometric. They just don’t look right.

Anyway, enjoy this map for your personal game.


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