Random Dungeon 19

So here is the first map of two that are in a similar style to Random Dungeon 17. You can see that I was unable to remove some of the crappy grid lines. I think I was able to fix it enough so it shouldn’t be too much of a distraction.

This one (and its cousin who will be posted after I finish the post-production) was one where I was drawing the cliff faces in an isometric view and it just looked like poop. Taking a cue from Dyson in this recent map Kemp’s Divide, I figured I would just try using just those little fucking lines. They don’t convey the height of the cliff faces, but quite frankly, any DM using this map can choose how high he wants them to be.

Anyway, more talky-talky after the map.

Random Dungeon 19

Random Dungeon 19

Interestingly enough (to me anyway), I drew the rough steps to match the approximate height as my regular stairwells–so forty feet horizontal feet traveled for 20 vertical feet traveled. [I don’t need to illustrate this do I?] I’m making believe that the northern cavern steps rise the same as the rest even though I only fit in six.

One of the things I really like about this map is the southern section. It looks like it could be a well defensible lair for a group of kobolds or goblins or gnomes. It has one access point in the dungeon and the rough steps that lead to the water.

During the first draft of this map, I placed the river as you see it. I had/have no f—ing clue what is on the other side. BTW, the river is at least twenty feet across and is filled with f—ing piranha. Or something.

3 thoughts on “Random Dungeon 19

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  2. Dyson Logos

    The length of the stairs does a good job of indicating height also. Here we are seeing stairs that stretch over 30 horizontal feet, so the assumption would be that the cliffs are between 20 and 40 feet tall.

    1. jasperak Post author

      Exactly right. Just like D&D and the like are abstractions, I have to remember that these maps are as well. I sometimes get caught up in the precision and lose out on the fantasy. Cheers.


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