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Leonard Nimoy Dead

I think I need to watch this movie this weekend. Goodbye Leonard.

Star Trek Continues

Star Trek Continues

I have loved Star Trek ever since I had first watched it on my local PBS station back in the mid 80’s. I remember trying to stay up late on Saturday nights to watch it, and I remember during the beg-a-thons that if the station reached its pledge goal for that night, they would run episodes during the hours they would have normally been off the air. And I would force myself to stay up and watch them until I would pass out. Even with all of its campiness, there was something phenomenal about this series, and I couldn’t–still can’t–get enough. I am thankful that someone has continued from where the original series left off.

I have been following this series for awhile and I really think that the production captures the essence of that original Trek I fell in love with. They have three episodes now (one just went online today) and two of them are sequels to episodes in the original series. The first follows ‘Who Mourns for Adonis’ and the third follows ‘Mirror, mirror’. I’ve enjoyed all of them, and I think true Trekkers will enjoy them as well.