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LBB Traveller Personal Data Sheet

It’s been a while since I last posted; real life has been very busy with the kids and holiday.

Over at Bundle of Holding right now (and for the next four days or so) they are selling a bundle of the original three Little Black Books and a ton of supplements for Classic Traveller. This link will take you to their page: LBB Traveller Bundle of Holding. The Bundle sale has ended.

Luckily I had some time to whip up this little recreation. I hope if you are interested in Classic Traveller, this two-page sheet finds use for you. Unfortunately, I don’t foresee making it a form-fillable pdf, but that may change if it seems there is enough interest. Anyway, download and enjoy.

For some reason the typeface looks like garbage in my browser viewer, but it shows that the font Univers is embedded. If you download it and it doesn’t look like the picture, let me know and I will see what’s going on.

Classic Traveller Personal Data Sheet

Classic Traveller Personal Data Sheet