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The Maze of Telengard

The Maze of Telengard

The Maze of Telengard

This map is from the first level of the Telengard Dungeon in DND v1.2 from 1984. I like this one much better as a maze. When playing this one, there were many times where my character was caught between monsters that had popped up. I could easily see this one used at the table and many parties slaughtered by more intelligent monsters. I also like that there are several areas where monsters can lair.

The Maze of Anacalagon

The maze of Anacalagon

The Maze of Anacalagon

So here we go. This is a map from a computer game from around 1988 called DND: Dungeons of the Necromancer’s Domain. I don’t like it very much; it was just a quick experiment to see how a very old style CRPG map would translate to a map for use at the table. Quite frankly, I don’t think it would work out very well.

I think I just don’t like the algorithm used to create this map. It looks like it might have started as a nice little maze, but too many walls were removed and too many pointless secret doors were added. It also looks like it would be a nightmare to describe it to the players. It just really looks like a big arena for use on a large battle mat or something. Anyway, moving on from here.

Wizard Wars (1988) Paragon

Wizard WarsPrompted by the CRPG Addict, over on his blog, I have delved into the code to see what type of information I could find. After a few days I was able to tease several important details out of the game and have created an excel file that I hope to continue updating, at least until I get bored with the game. I will post the link both here and on the downloads page.

One really interesting note is that there appear to be thirty-one named locations in the game but only thirty on the first dimension map screen. I’d be interested to know if this extra named location can be found in the game.

The CRPG Addict rediscovers Pool of Radiance

Well it is finally here. From the first time I had read his blog, I have waited for this series of posts for one of my favorite computer games of all time–one of the few games I enjoyed enough to beat. Just as his review of Might and Magic II prompted me to start playing that again, I can see me reinstalling Pool of Radiance on this laptop I am writing from now and reliving all of the fun I had with that game for the past twenty years (I had continued to play it up to a few years ago). Play on Brother.

Pool of Radiance
First Post: Introduction
Second Post: The Story Begins
Third Post: First Expedition
Fourth Post: Heroes!
Fifth Post: Combat
Sixth Post: Clearing the City
Seventh Post: Holy and Unholy
Eighth Post: The Great Outdoors
Turn-based v. Real-time Combat
Note: This post is not necessarily part of his Pool of Radiance review, but shows his point of view concerning what is to me a very important concept around which CRPGs are based.
Ninth Post: Cleaning Up for the Show
Tenth Post: Won!
Eleventh Post: Final Rating

P.S. I cracked this game several years ago so I wouldn’t need to use that damn wheel. It was nice and easy.

The CRPG Addict and Might and Magic II

I’ve been following this blog for the past several months, and today based on his review, I spent about two hours playing The Ancient Lands of Ys instead of studying. Thanks. I’m interested to see his take on some of my favorites like:

Might and Magic II: Gates to Another World
First Post: Overview
Second Post: Packed with Stuff
Third Post: Urban Tour
Fourth Post: Anatomy of Combat
Fifth Post: Touring the Countryside
Sixth Post: Castles and Quests
Seventh Post: Castles and Quests Part 2
Eighth Post: The Land Explored
Ninth Post: Mazes and Monsters
Tenth Post: On the Main Quest
Eleventh Post: Stuck in a Bog
Twelfth Post: Magic
Thirteenth Post: Won!
Final Post: Final Rating
Note: Most of his reviews do not have these many posts.

Pool of Radiance, and Eye of the Beholder.