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Rocky Horror Picture Show in Richmond, VA

Seriously, my wife and I love this movie and are dying to go see it live. If you live in the Richmond, Virginia area and like wacked-out campy fun, click on the picture to see when the next live showing of the movie will take place at the Bowtie Cinema on the Boulevard.

Over the past three months or so, they have had midnight showings every other week on Friday and Saturday. With other movies like The Wizard of Oz (for Christmas), Dr. Strangelove (for Thanksgiving), and A Clockwork Orange (good anytime) during the off weeks.

This month they are also showing The Breakfast Club, a favorite of my wife’s and in my opinion the best John Hughes film of the bunch.

P.S. I have yet to see St. Elmo’s Fire which I hear is a good film in its own right; many of the same actors appear. Opinions?