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More Lymdonshire in Hexographer



Terrain and Vegetation

A short time ago I bought Hexographer. One of the ways that I used to map by hand was to pen in geographic hexes (e.g. Mountains, Hills, Forest) and color in vegetation with either markers, crayons, or colored pencils. The paid version (and possibly the free version as well) allow the same by giving the option to change the background paint. I was able to set up both forested and clear mountains and forested and clear hills. Disregarding the differing icons, the map on the right most resembles my early efforts.

Lymdonshire in Hexographer

I was messing around with Hexographer awhile ago and came up with this map (on left obviously). While I like the idea of Hexographer, I’m not sure I like this version more than my hand-drawn version. I’d love to test it with the black & white icons that resemble the BECM maps.

Here is the link to Hexographer