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Local Campaign Area Map

Well it has been awhile. I’ve been busy with all sorts of stuff but I wanted to share this.

I started it today and think it really turned out well. I had found this tutorial: [Award Winner] Hand-Drawn Mapping (for the Artistically Challenged) at the Cartographer’s Guild years ago, and I have used it periodically throughout. Recently a co-worker started getting involved with D&D and needed help with making maps. Lots of it. So I thought of this and showed it to him. With a portable copy of GIMP and his hand drawn mess, we ended up with something he was happy with.

That brings me back to today. It looks like we are going to start a Zoom game, and I’ve been putzing around with making a quick campaign using Dungeoncraft from Dragon Magazine and the AD&D 2e World Builder’s Guide. But I needed a quick map. I have been making quick hand-drawn hex maps, but wanted to play around with this tutorial. So in between three hours of yard work and reinstalling two lazy-susans, I started on this.

Local Campaign Area

Local Campaign Area

I think it looks wonderful and am happy to share it (for non-commercial purposes) with anyone who should happen on by. Cheers.

More Lymdonshire in Hexographer



Terrain and Vegetation

A short time ago I bought Hexographer. One of the ways that I used to map by hand was to pen in geographic hexes (e.g. Mountains, Hills, Forest) and color in vegetation with either markers, crayons, or colored pencils. The paid version (and possibly the free version as well) allow the same by giving the option to change the background paint. I was able to set up both forested and clear mountains and forested and clear hills. Disregarding the differing icons, the map on the right most resembles my early efforts.