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WOTC to reprint Original Dungeons & Dragons

WOW, Looks nice… But…

There is no way in hell I am paying $150 for this.
Keep the wooden box and dice.
Sell me the books for about $70 and we have a deal.

To be honest, I paid the full retail price at my FLGS for the AD&D set which totaled less than this, and I did it happily to support a game I like. Even though I have two used copies of each book already.

But this? Something smacks me as wrong. I think the thing here is that WOTC knows that AD&D books can be had for cheap on the secondary market and priced their reissues accordingly, but purchasing OD&D on the secondary market? Yeah right, and they know it. I paid $5 for the pdfs several years ago and can print them out whenever I want. I just can’t see a market for this. This might be their first dumb move with the re-releases. Someone tell me I am wrong. Maybe this idea of theirs will look better in the morning. I’m eager to see how this one shakes out.

And quite frankly, if I want to play OD&D, I think I would just play Swords & Wizardry White Box anyway.

To be fair though, from what I can see from the picture, the new cover art looks fantastic.

EDIT: It seems that some have mentioned that it doesn’t seem to come with Chainmail, a required book by the rules. Granted, I believe most ended up using the alternative combat rules that resemble what we see in AD&D. Here is a request that they include Chainmail.

WOTC Does it again

Marsh/Cook Expert Set

I spent more money on something I already have. Thanks again.

I am displeased that they included the box set catalog in the PDF. I would have thought that including it as a separate PDF would have been better.