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Random Dungeon 17

Random Dungeon Map 17

Random Dungeon Map 17

This is the dungeon I had mentioned in a previous post that I had been stuck on drawing in the bridge. I just said the hell with it and drew a few lines. I love this map anyway.

Update: Cousin Piranha River/Random Dungeon 19 has been posted. This is the first of two more that are in a similar style to this one.

Update #2: Cousin Eating fish at the Y/Random Dungeon 20 has also been posted. This is the second of two in a similar style to this one.

I just deleted two paragraphs of words loosely connect by the word F-ck and its myriad of variations. Suffice to say I am displeased with WordPress’s desire to stupify the quick editing of posts and its useless-to-me stat view page. I will never understand website administrators that constantly screw up their websites with retarded changes.

Boing Boing (unless you use the hack) and Blastr (nothing saving this retarded design) are the most recently guilty of this that I’ve noticed. Using design guides from the 20th-century? When your website looks like the front page of The New York Times from the era of the sinking of the Fu–ing Titanic, you’ve failed. I’d love to know what stupid c-nt wrote the design manual these f-cks are using. Don’t get me started on Not only is the site a pain to scroll through, but the f-ing thing reloads before I get to the bottom and doesn’t remember where I was. So I have to scroll through it again and pray I get back to where I was with enough time to continue reading the blurbs without it, oh you know, reloading again. Are you serious?

Back @Wordpress. Seriously, where is the button to add a link in a post after I click on Edit. Do I really have to go all the way through wp-admin and my post list to edit a post with the same ability I had when I made the post originally? Is this really the New Improved Posting Experience? Idiots.

Shit, I better stop before I go off the rails again.