Basic D&D Baskerville Character Sheet and It’s Form-Fillable and Savable Now

The Scarlet Avenger FrontOk you primitive screwheads, I learned something new today–well yesterday as its now about 12.30 in the morning. After emailing back and forth with a commenter that wished to make one of my sheets form-fillable, I figured I would try a go at it with one of the other sheets. I was interested because he was able to make one of the other sheets save the info so he could go and edit it and print out a new sheet with a minimum of fuss. So here is my new and improved Basic D&D Baskerville Character Sheet. (You can also Save Link As… on the pictures to get the PDF.)

Man screw Adobe. It must have taken hours to figure out the correct order for all of the steps to make this sheet form-fillable, savable, and have a cool handwriting typeface embedded. That’s not counting making all of the fields fit properly. Since I doubt most of you have the handwriting font embedded, let me know if the form output looks like the pictures in this post. I should be able to test it on my work computer tomorrow, but that’s not definite.
The Scarlet Avenger Back
For sh!ts and giggles, I chose the solo character that I have used to explore some of the maps on this blog.

Anyway, drop me a line and let me know how this new sheet works and any other comments you might like to share.

UPDATE: I have been making some changes based on feedback I’ve received so stay tuned and check back over the course of the next few days. To prevent a whole mess of different versions out there, I’m going to try to make all changes in one or two updates.

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