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Quick thought for all of you…

The Wife and I love Monty Python.
We have a ten-month-old.
We like musicals (see post on Rocky Horror) and Broadway.
We just came back from seeing Spamalot here in Richmond.

All I have to say to all of my friends in the blogo-sphere and the gaming-sphere… Find Your Grail!

If you have a chance to see Spamalot, take it. Tonight reminded me why I like theatre. All of those people on the stage enjoyed what they were doing. I enjoyed them doing it.

The Lost Temple of Tyrandraxu

Though I have not posted much within the past few weeks, I have been busy. Most of the stuff I have been working on has been map related–most of which I hope to post in the near future.

I had rewritten the random dungeon generation set from the AD&D DMG to use 2d6 instead of 1d20 and generated several maps. But after posting the my map for the addition to the first level of the solo dungeon in Mentzer’s Basic, I noticed it didn’t match the style of the original. So I created another set of tables that would more closely match the style of the solo dungeon. I must have generated about half-a-dozen maps or so to test them before burning out.
The Lost Temple of Tyrandraxu
Thus was born The Lost Temple of Tyrandraxu. To take a break from the megadungeon, I combined both the One-Page-Dungeon style and Johnn Four’s Five-Room-Dungeon design to create The Lost Temple. You can find more information on Johnn’s Design at these links: E-Zine #156, E-Zine #372, and Past Contest and Submissions. I figured a quick diversion would help fire my creative juices. It seems to have. From start to almost finish, less than a week has passed. If only the rest of my projects could go so fast.

One of the things that I really like about this process, is that it helped me flesh out one of the cults that I had been having a problem developing. Even if all of the info is not presented in this format.

So this is the first draft copy of my One-Page-Dungeon. Comments would be greatly appreciated. Even if you think its terrible.