Paper and Sheets
Incompetech Graph Paper
This site has all manner of customizable grid, hex, and line sheet generators. Output is in PDF form so no need to mess with PS.

This site has a fully customizable hex grid generator that can output to a variety of formats such as PNG, PS, and SVG. It has a fairly steep learning curve–took me a while to get the exact output I was looking for–but well worth the time investment.

Mad Irishman Productions
This site has one of the largest collections of character sheets I have found. Most if not all are modeled directly from the official sheets.

Fantastic Maps Home Page
This site has a ton of different tutorials and maps that have inspired me in my creations. Direct links to some of the tutorials I have found useful for hand-drawing my maps. Many of his other tutorials deal with using Photoshop/GIMP and run the gamut from creating icons, adding glow to text, creating brushes, oh just check out the site.
How to Draw Mountains Take 2
Mapping Napa Vineyards
Quick Mountain Tutorial
How to Draw Swamps
How to Design a Town
Quick Tip–Isometric Rivers
How to Draw Forests
How to Draw Isometric Hand-Drawn Mountains
How to Design a Gatehouse, Adding Grids, and Building Isometric Maps

Medieval City Map Generator
This site generates a city map in four different sizes from small town to Large City. Each has city walls and some have a shoreline. I’ve had a problem saving the image with Firefox but the snipping tool inside Windows 7 works well. If you hold the space bar, an overlay with each area’s description with show up.

Art and Drawing
Alphonso Dunn on Youtube
Fantastic Pen and Ink Work

Mark Crilley on Youtube
Manga and Realistic Style Work

Miscellaneous RPG
DrivethruRPG, RPGNow, and DnDClassics
Use these links for all of your RPG PDF needs

Ars Phantasia Hexcrawl Resources
Name says it all kids.

Computer Games
I love old computer games.
This place has a ton of old DOS games. The people running the show seem to make a special effort to make sure the games are truly abandoned.
This place has a lot of ‘out of print’ games for reasonable prices. I check the site often because they are always running some kind of sale.

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