Dungeon! Board Game Map

Not too long ago I said that I wanted to study some different maps and maybe even copy them in my style to compare with each other and my own. I always liked the Dungeon! Boardgame map so I figured I would experiment with it.

This map screwed my idea for making all of the maps in a similar style. Generally when I make my maps, I first draw the walls, scan the map, print out a copy, and add the cross hatching to it. With this map though my eyes started hurting. The crosshatching just didn’t look right at all with the floor lines. I think this might have to do with the balance between white and dark space and may prove beneficial to my studies of these maps.

Dungeon! Boardgame Map Crosshatching Test

Luckily I was working from a copy so I could go back and try something completely different. I experimented with just a solid grey background. I did that on my large scale map of different sections of my Mentzer Dungeon Level 1 (I may eventuall post it for giggles), and I think it turned out ok. So I did it again with this map but added a little Gaussian Blur. Presented here for your pleasure…

Dungeon! Board Game Map

Dungeon! Boardgame Map

Truthfully, to me it looks bad on the screen with the white corridors and rooms almost glowing off the page. When printed with my laser printer using either PCL 5e or 6, it looks good, though the darker the background the better it looks. Check it out and let me know what you think.


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